This automated tea-brewing machine uses ultrasonic extraction for perfect tea


This automated tea-brewing machine uses science (read: magic, basically) to give you a full-custom, precisely formulated tea experience.

I tend to drink three or more cups of tea per day. It’s at the point now where I physically require the warmth and weight of the mug in my hands upon waking or else I cannot successfully complete any further tasks. I burn through mint herbal tea like someone setting fire to a big pile of mint herbal tea. That being said, I’ll acknowledge that I am but a tea layman, and my brewing ritual is far from perfect. If you’re in a similar boat, TEAMOSA might be just the thing you need to add to your kitchen setup.

TEAMOSA Inc., a family business with 34 years of tea growing, brewing and tasting experience, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for TEAMOSA, an app-controlled automated tea-brewing master that promises to “give your tea the respect it deserves.”

TEAMOSA on Kickstarter

Full temperature and brew time control

TEAMOSA’s whole goal is to perfectly brew tea, regardless of whether you’re using TEAMOSA paper tea capsules or your own choice of loose tea leaves. Because recommended temperatures and brewing times vary depending on the type of tea you’re making, TEAMOSA allows you to adjust both. You can also completely disregard any recommendations given to you and adjust temperature and strength based solely on your personal preferences. You do you. All you have to do is go into the TEAMOSA app and adjust the individual sliders. There are even specially designed presets for TEAMOSA’s white, yellow, green, oolong, black and dark teas, so if you want you can just select one of those and leave it up to the expert tea-tasters.

Ultrasonic extraction

In addition to making tea taste the best it can taste, TEAMOSA wants to maximize its health benefits. The machine uses a highly scientific and really intimidating-sounding process called “ultrasonic extraction” to retain up to 20% more antioxidants that regularly brewed tea. TEAMOSA’s creators also claim that this process enhances the aroma of the tea.

Gorgeous and easy to use

Seriously. Look at it. And not only does it have serious countertop displaying potential, it’s also really simple to operate. All you have to do is open the top of the device, put your loose tea leaves or TEAMOSA capsule in the infusion chamber, fill the water reservoir, and set the temperature and strength with the companion app. Then TEAMOSA does the rest of the work, brewing your custom tea in approximately three minutes. TEAMOSA also has an auto-cleaning function, so you can worry less about maintenance.

The TEAMOSA brewing machine is currently 68% funded. If you pledge now you may get rewarded by getting TEAMOSA at a reduced price. It’ll retail for $399, which isn’t exactly cheap, so if you’ve got your heart set on getting one, I’d advise investing in it now.


How do you feel about TEAMOSA? If you’re an avid tea-drinker, are you going to spring for this if it gets funded or stick to your own methods? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Backing crowdfunded projects involves a certain level of risk. Because this project hasn’t been completely funded, please know that it may never come to fruition.

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