The larger size files can be sent from Gmail


Google took the initiative to a new e-mail service more smoothly. Until now, users of Gmail could accept files up to 5 mega bytes. Google has doubled the amount of time in one hit. On behalf of the company has been notified, other email accounts from Gmail, users are able to receive files up to 50 mega bytes. However, Google has more than behalf, not only in the size of mail files can be taken. Like the old rules to email to send files up to 5 mega bytes have been allocated the same.

Prior to receiving large files to download third party would go on. In many cases, there is a risk of downloading a security problem. Now the 50 mega bytes of the file to receive the benefits of Gmail users were largely Tech experts say.

However, when sending e-mail file size is more than 5 mega bytes can be sent via the Google Drive. Up to 30 GB of free space on Google users.


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