12 Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rate


If you are reading this article, certainly you are struggling with low conversion rates on your website. Do you know what is the major reason behind low conversion rates?

Either you are not able to effectively deliver ideas to the customer or readers are not able to gain a sense of trust or bond with your product. To be very frank, the later one is also your fault!

Most of the people don’t purchase or convert themselves because they don’t know who you are and unsure of your product quality. The sense of trust must be developed with the readers to convert them into a customer.

It doesn’t matter how hard and well your marketing team is working if the conversion rate is low. You’ll not able to generate sales and all of your hard work and efforts will be wasted.

There are plenty of ways to measure conversion rates, it can be sign-ups, leads, phone calls, inquiries but most companies relate conversion with sales. It is the misconception that should be cleared.

Although there are several things that don’t work out for your websites like color, shape, size, privacy term on your sign-up button. Whichever tip you apply; you’ll always miss some of the strategies. Still, there are few things that you shouldn’t miss out if you’re really concerned about increasing conversion rates.

One can’t accurately say how much conversion rate increase with a little change on your website. For some website owners a small variation in their website layout has produced amazing hike in conversion rates, however, for some, it didn’t work out.

Still, there are plenty of important strategies that are most likely missing in your website. These tips help in optimizing your conversion rate on the website by some applied and successful strategy.

1. Landing Pages

Source: neilpatel.com

A landing page is what it sounds like: the page where your readers land from an online source like social media or link on any website. They have an excellent conversion rates within your sales funnel.

It is the most contributing page on your website in terms of conversion rates, so you don’t want to take any risk on landing pages. Creating separate landing pages for different sources is regarded as a good practice.

A landing page should be focused on achieving the single goal, which you define. It may be proceeding to checkout, submitting an email, subscribing an RSS feed, starting a free trial or course, creating an account etc.

The headline of your landing pages should clearly demonstrate what they will get? Also, the design of landing page matters! Pay effort and time in creating a high converting landing page.

2. Social Buttons


Source: nopassiveincome.com

Conversion doesn’t only mean the leads that are purchasing your product/services. Some of the users may have liked your product but not in th mood to purchase the product instantly. Surely nobody will purchase a product on very first visit to a website.

Providing social media buttons on sidebar helps them to connect with your social media profiles. Maybe after some time they change their mind to purchase your product or they share your post on own network and you get a lead from there. Anything is possible!

Social Media helps in generating a major part of your leads. So pay attention to the company’s social media profile and never forget to include the social sharing buttons on your website. You may also tell them about website’s social followers. This way they feel privileged to be a part of it!

3. Un-Scrolled Screen


Source: temok.com

Whenever a new user types your website address into URL space and reaches it, without any action the screen portion which is visible is called “un-scrolled screen”.

As you can see in the above picture, a portion of the screen is left for a specific call to action: “Sign up Now”.

Whenever a new user will open this page, he will have to read the offer presented and if he found the deal attractive he will surely sign up. You should able to present them a deal in a way they can’t resist.

4. Offer Perks and Discount on your Sign-Up buttons

Coupons and Discount always attract the customers. A slight reduction in the cost of your product could get you huge number of new customers.

Most of the companies use this strategy to increase their sales. The loss you suffer after applying discount can be easily compensated through increase in sales.

Offers and discounts is thus regarded an effective strategy to increase the conversion rates on your website.

In your call to action button clearly tell them what they will get after clicking on that button.

5. About and Contact Section of your Blog


Source: bloggingcage.com

Customers have a very clear value proposition in the mind. It is the most determining factor as they not only want to know “what’s in there for me?”, they also look “why buy from you?”.

The about and contact section should clearly demonstrate value preposition of your company and you as well. You should effectively communicate to them what makes you and your product unique from others.

The people click on about section to get an idea about your background and track records, so don’t miss this opportunity. Adding a short story about how you created this company?

And how happy customers benefit from your product? It will make their mind to trust you. Now attach an attractive call to action button after short story to generate a possible lead.

6. Opt-in Boxes above the fold or below the fold?


Source: getresponse.com

This is a problem that most of the website owners have struggled at least once. Providing ppt-in forms above the fold has an adverse effect on reading experience on your website, but also providing opt-in forms below the fold yields low conversion rates. What is the best solution?

The readers on a website spend 80% of the time on the information above the page fold. According to Jakob Nielson, the area above the fold is the “most valuable real estate” on any website. So why should you not utilize the most productive section of a website?

7. CTA buttons

A slight variation in your call to action button has much effect on your website conversion rates. It is seen that with little variation in color, size and shape of call to action buttons, companies have experienced an amazing hike in conversion rates. Do A/B testing on webPages to see which actions are more favored for your website conversion.

Don’t include too many fields on your form buttons. You can enjoy approximately 120 % increase in conversion rates if you cut down below 3 fields. Phone number should not be asked unless your business is based on post-click sales calls.

8. As Featured In features


Source: jeffbullas.com

There are many bloggers who include “As Featured In” as a highlighted part of their website. This clearly tells the readers that website can be trusted and popular on the globe.

If you are featured in any reputed website then certainly you can include this on site. Some of the web owners also submit their guest posts on related blogs to attract the readers.

It’s great idea to build credibility and trust with the readers which will help to improve conversion rate.

9. Include Customer Reviews


Source: neilpatel.com

Customer satisfaction is the key factor for the success of any organization.

Earlier customers were easily convinced to buy your product or services but now they do a deep research before purchasing any product.

Attaching a quality review of the product is a good strategy to increase conversion rates, as customer also looks for a product with positive reviews.

10. Subscription Payment Instead of Onetime Payment


Source: warfareplugins.com

Some of the customers don’t like purchasing products in a single payment. They want to use the product first and if they found it reliable, they can invest money in purchasing it.

To convert these users, a subscription payment is an effective strategy that business owners can apply.

11. Performance

You have a quality product with excellent problem-solving rate, this should also be reflected on your website. If the speed, design, layout and content of a website are not effective, the readers will certainly bounce-back from your site. It is known fact that slow sites have comparatively low conversion rate than website which have quick response time.

Work on your site’s design, layout, loading speed and other performance factor and you’ll definitely see a hike on conversion rates.

12. Testimonial from Famous Marketers


Source: trafficgenerationcafe.com

Your business has lots of client saying great things about you and your business. You could use these testimonials as an effective mechanism in online marketing strategy. Testimonials can influence customer decision, strengthen your marketing plan and credibility over customers.

A smart website owner knows the importance of a good conversion rate on his website. A slight increase in conversion rate has a very big impact on your sales and revenue.

If you are struggling with an unsatisfactory conversion rate, these 12 tips will help you to optimize the conversion rate on your website without spending much money.


Source: beabetterblogger.com

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